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Interested in Shaving mugs? I've been collecting cell phone about many years and in the last many years as well as in now I've seen a great surge in popularity that hasn't stopped now, I think the revival of Victorian home look as helped the increase numerous shaving mugs are for sale old and new, to be honest I only try t collect the vintage ones however there are times where I've seen a good looking new shaving mug, within the design of an old shaving mug. The patent for your first shaving mug extends back to the year 1867, as a lot of them are this old they are worth a king's ransom now.

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Your promotional merchandise supplier should be able to show you a wide range of promotional plastic mugs. At last count, there were 27 different colours available so black and white to more vibrant colours like sparkly pink and purple. There are large stocks of promotional plastic mugs kept in the UK so do not hesitate to inquire about to determine a sample. This will enable you to get the right colour to your promotion.