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Are we as Americans finally willing to enjoy tea? Bust out your tea sets as it’s tea time!! Statistics as well – the tea market in the US is practically a 10 Billion dollar industry. December 16th 2011 will mark the 238th year with the Boston Tea Party, a period when Americans made their examine the King of Britain that colonial taxes won’t be imposed about the US. Not sure how throwing 342 chests of perfectly good tea into the Boston Harbor became that message. Surely the King would’ve gotten a similar message if your tea was stolen and consumed. But to be honest – throwing those chests overboard would’ve been considerably more fun! I wish we only responded with such anger when your own government tried taxing us for the first time. We would all have enough money to place some loose leaf tea in our new tea sets.

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In recent times nevertheless the excellence of the travel mug has been less of a concern for plastic coffee mug users. BPA in plastic has swiftly taken over because leading reasons why plastic tumblers ought to be dumped. Although plastic is long lasting and extremely durable it has been found out that when plastic is put through high temperatures for example when piping hot coffee is put in it or whenever a plastic mug is put inside the microwave, BPA, a toxic substance seen in many plastics, is released. The amount released is quite small but continual utilization of these mugs might be harmful over the long term.

To Praise Excellent Employees: One marketing manager recently far exceeded all his targets. He had worked hard in the past year to make sure he did but he knew the success wasn’t down to him alone. Backing him up would have been a crew that could reach over 190 sales reps which had not merely incorporated his policies but were able to bring in the sales. At his end of year meeting he placed deep blue mugs over a table ready for that coffee break. On each mug he’d the corporation logo and a note towards the reps thanking them because of their work and informing them which they could be getting a substantial Christmas bonus. You can probably imagine how well the gift occurred.

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If you have exposure to a travel coffee mug it doesn’t retain heat adequately itrrrs likely that good you do have a mug with thin insulated walls and possible a poorly designed lid. Find a quality mug that wont leak and also you locate a superior mug that will not let your coffee go cold sooner. The best mugs are generally a much more expensive than cheap travel coffee mugs however the price differential is certainly not great. Simply moving from the ten dollar budget range to a twenty dollar price range will most likely score a superior travel mug than you’ve ever had before.

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