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Are we as Americans finally prepared to enjoy tea? Bust out your tea sets since it is tea time!! Statistics don’t lie – the tea market in the US is practically a 10 Billion dollar industry. December 16th 2011 will mark the 238th year in the Boston Tea Party, a time when Americans made their point out the King of Britain that colonial taxes will not be imposed on the US. Not sure how throwing 342 chests of perfectly good tea into the Boston Harbor became that message. Surely the King could have gotten exactly the same message when the tea was stolen and consumed. But to be honest – throwing those chests overboard might have been far more fun! I wish we just responded by using these anger when our own government tried taxing us for the first time. We would all have the funds for that will put some loose leaf tea within our new tea sets.

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Novelty coffee mugs also make terrific promotional giveaways. Handing out coffee mugs along with your company logo with them makes sure that potential clients will usually have you ever planned, particularly as these mugs are utilized each day. And when you buy them in bulk, novelty mugs can be very cheap even if you include the cost of customizing them.

Want More Money? Get diy mug designs with nail polish

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Other businesses don’t realize how effective something as simple as discount ceramic mugs could be. They don’t observe that customers want to be appreciated, they want some reward for business. If you see this, you might be a step ahead and your clients are gonna survive into the future. Customers are the lifeblood of your business, so reward them since they should be rewarded, even with discount promotional items you might need all you are able afford. For the customer, it’s the thought that counts.

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